5 Ways to use alcohol other than to drink it!

I feel like the British way to drink is ‘Go hard or go home’ Admittedly, drinking and getting “drunk” (I use this word loosely) is fun… especially to drink with people you trust and know won’t judge you.

BUT there are some ways to use alcohol other than to swallow the contents of your glass… I have done a little bit of research and found some interesting uses…

Vodka – Got an issue with smelly feet? Mix a small cheap-y bottle of vodka, some of your favourite smelly soap and a bit of warm water, all in a bowl (Big enough to fit your feet in) Soak your feet until you feel they are clean and the smell should have disappeared, if not then… repeat?!

White wine – Half a glass of white wine never hurt anyone… well… not that you remember 😉 So does your rice or pasta dish taste a little… tasteless? Pop half a glass of white wine in there, wait for it to evaporate and voila, you have a proper lush dish!

Red wine – We’re half way through February and if you’re anything like my family. You’ll still have some of those half drank bottles of alcohol, left over from the Christmas and New Year celebrations. My family are Red wine drinkers, so a little bit of Rioja and Merlot never go a miss… but half/three quarters of a bottle tend to get drank and then left. FEAR NOT that leftover red wine can still be used (if you’re not a veggie) why not marinade some nice meaty steak… pop the steak into a dish, season as you wish and cover with your left over red wine, put it in the fridge overnight. Then cook as you wish the next day #lush

Beer – Are snails and slugs eating your home grown veggies? Well if you take a small jar and fill it with beer, then bury it in your garden the slugs and snails will naturally be attracted… then… I hate to say it… they “dissolve” the problems gone!

Tequila – I had to save the best until last… My favourite out of all the alcoholic beverages, it makes you love, dance and do crazy the craziest S**T – truly magical stuff. Most ‘studies’ suggest that tequila is best for drinking (Not going to lie its TRUTH) Tequila is an aphrodisiac, it breaks down cholesterol and as it contains Agave. If you feel you have a cold or flu coming on, have a shot of that Patron that’s sitting in the fridge. And it will kill that gross bacteria sitting in the back of your throat. What more could you want from tequila? It’s basically your best friend!

Sophie xx


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