Palm Vaults: Blue Magic (1/3)

Hey, Guys!

It’s Stacey here and this week I tried out Palm Vaults in Hackney. Where do I even begin? Palm Vaults is a cafe in Hackney which, interestingly enough, makes you feel as though you’re in a tropical location. With the pastel tones and exotic plants, it’s bound to make anyone feel as though they’ve been transported to another climate.Before going into the cafe I was quite apprehensive. I presumed these colourful drinks would be good for nothing but the Instagram feed – but, boy, was I wrong! The staff are incredibly friendly and approachable. The whole cafe just gives off a very serene feeling, which comes at a bonus as it in the middle of hackney. I would most certainly recommend this cafe and the beverages it provides. If you aren’t one for colour, however, they do have far more normal looking drinks. Enjoy the review x

Drink : Blue Magic

Contains: Spirulina, Apple, Ginger, Agave and Coconut Milk

Price: £3.50

Location: Palm Vaults, London E8 1HY


Marketed as an alternative to coffee, this hot drink is really something special. With the spirulina and ginger that is present in the drink you are getting a whole heap of protein, antioxidants, and B-vitamins. The best thing is of course that you can’t taste any of that! Having been so used to drinks that look amazing but taste like trash, Blue Magic, really comes as a surprise. This drink is heaven in a cup – it’s incredibly addictive. I could easily see myself buying one too many on those hectic work mornings. In no way is this drink offensive to the pallet, with each ingredient complimenting the other. This would be perfect with a slice of their chocolate cake- hmm, yes please.

Rating: 5/5

Customer Service: Staff are incredibly friendly and willing to help. They also give very good recommendations.



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