Palm Vaults: Velvet Rose (3/3)

Hello, My Darlings!

I couldn’t bare to keep this fabulous drink away from you. I mean, as it as Valentine’s day I guess I’m just in the spirit of giving. Why could blame me? This is the final drink review of Palm Vaults – and, again, this drink was divine. And yes, those are rose petals on the top, and, yes, they are edible. Insert tongue emoji here….

Drink: Velvet Rose

Price: £3.50

Location: Palm Vaults, 411 Mare St, London E8 1HY

Contains: Rose Water, Beetroot Juice, Agave, Almond Milk

Garnished with Rose Petals

Commentary: If I majored in English Literature this would be the perfect time to write a love letter – expressing my affection towards this drink and really the company, Palm Vaults. When the sampling the drink I simply wrote the word, fabulous. You really can not go wrong with any of the drinks that have been reviewed here on the Palm Vaults series on Sip ‘N’ Swallow. The rose water found in this drink helps relieve stress and allergies. The beetroot juice also comes with a whole heap of health benefits including anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. I applaud Palm Vaults for the drinks reviewed and for my experience, I really could not fault anything.

Rating 5/5


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