Kaspa’s Kinder Bueno Milkshake Review

Kaspas on the outside looks very Tacky (Which I love!)… Shiny black signs with pink and white writing, in lights! Very Las Vegas style…. The inside is pretty much the same, glittery black tiles with old school American style booths.
Kaspas, is a chain and has dessert parlours all over the UK, they offer a range of sweets from sundaes, waffles & crepes, cakes & puddings, hot drinks, milkshakes & smoothies.
I opted for the milkshake (seemed the least calorific)…. It was phenomenal, absolutely delicious!! Two LARGE scoops of creamy vanilla milkshake with 4 bars of Kinder Bueno blended together = heaven… they did ask if I want to add whipped cream on top but since I’m on a diet I didn’t opt for that! I will say that I was having heart palpitations while sipping on this naughty concoction – but it was worth every sip 😉

Sophie xx


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