Organic Vodka launches in the UK​

If you need another reason to indulge in this mysterious liquid you need to not look any further.

Sweden’s Virtuous Vodka is launching in the UK and we, at Sip ‘n’ Swallow, could not be happier. With it set to excite the crowds by its 100% organic ingredients and its generous array of flavours, which include: Blond, bitter lemon, raspberry and ginger. The spirit is made using a base spirit of Swedish rye and has no added sugars or aromas.

The vodka is described as having a sweet, peppery scent reminiscent of fresh baked bread and light notes of fruit. To follow, the palate is described as pure and smooth, with a fresh, sweet bitterness and touch of spice.

This is ideal for mixing in long drinks and cocktails. I’m already thinking about the ways I could incorporate the Virtuous Vodka Ginger, which uses organic ginger, into my favourite cocktails.

Here is what Claes Stenmark, founder of the brand had to say…

“As a company, we believe in three things: true flavours, sustainable business and braveness, and that’s how we produce our vodkas,”

“We only say yes to the real deal and no to stuff created in laboratories. Most importantly our vodka is made to taste, not to last”

Let us know how excited you are in the comments …..

Stacey x


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