Health facts and stats about coffee

Coffee culture is growing fast in the UK especially in London. I live in Southwark on the Old Kent Road. As I walk out of my house I can instantly see four coffee shops. I mean, I’m not complaining as I love the stuff, but there are so many, everywhere. As well as tasting great there are so many health benefits to drinking coffee…

  • Most importantly (And my favourite)
    It helps you loose weight – if drank without milk. Depending on the amount of caffeine in coffee it can boost your metabolism by 3-11%. But be careful not to drink too much as it aids anxiety.
  • Costa Coffee is the most used High Street Coffee shop in the UK.
  • Coffee contains some very important nutrients… Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Potassium & Magnesium… meaning a great source if fibre 😀
  • 5 coffee beans are the equivalent to 200mg of Caffeine.
  • Coffee can increase your adrenaline levels, leading to you wanting to release more energy. This causes the fatty acids from the fat tissue to break down.
  • There is 2.5 times more caffeine in a cup of coffee than in a cup of tea on average. But this is dependent on the method and length of brewing.

Sophie xx


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