The 5 best cocktail bars in North London

Ruby’s, Dalston, 76 Stoke Newington Rd

Ruby’s is an ideal hipster haunt for great cocktails, that dingy Dalston ambience and really fun and interesting selection of music

From the outside it doesn’t look like much but once you descend the narrow staircase into the bar you’ll instantly understand the appeal.


Original Sin, Stoke Newington, 129 Stoke Newington High St

Simple, unpretentious but run by mixologists who really know their stuff.

Original Sin will be hosting a monthly masterclass called Taste No Evil starting in April with Fords Gin. . The event is a celebration of spirit categories. Rather than learning about specific products, the brands involved will give more of a category class with a particular focus on how the spirits are enjoyed in cocktails. . You will then get an opportunity to make up your own drink, drawing on the information you have been given about cocktail structures and balance, with guidance from us and the brand ambassadors. . One cocktail from each event will be selected and will feature on the Original Sin menu until the next session. . The sessions give you an opportunity to play with flavours and engage in cocktail culture in more depth. As bartenders we can sometimes take the back bar for granted, so we are extending that luxury to you on a journey of flavour discovery. . If anyone has a particular interest in spirits or creating cocktails, the tickets are available through (link in our bio) . April 11th – Fords Gin – History of gin through cocktails May 9th – Nikka – Japanese whisky and the mizuwari June 13th – Cana Brava – Cuban style and the daiquiri

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Fontaine’s Bar, Dalston, 176 Stoke Newington Rd

Art deco design through and through – bringing a taste of the Forties to Dalston

High Water London,

A real bartender’s bar – expect your cocktails to be uncluttered and just spot on.

Ray’s Bar

A different kind of hybrid cocktail bar that becomes a club, gallery etc.


The Hemingway Daquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri has everything that makes a great cocktail: a unique flavour, a boozy aftertaste and an interesting backstory.

Although the drink you might get today when you ask for a “Hemingway” in most upmarket cocktail bars doesn’t represent what the creator, Ernest Hemingway, would have supped in 1950’s Havana, that’s probably for the best. Hemingway didn’t like sugar in his daiquiris and was mainly looking for alcohol content when it came to his drinks.

However the Hemingway Daiquiri has become something else and one of the most refreshing and drinkable cocktails to boot. Now bartenders put sugar, maraschino cherry liqueur but breaking it down to its basics a Hemingway needs lime juice, grapefruit juice and white rum,  Havana Club 3 if you want to be truly authentic.

Here are the correct measurements and mixing technique for a standard Hemingway but feel free to improvise a little with this one. It just needs to have the right balance of sweet and sour according to your taste buds.

50 ml white rum

10 ml Luxardo maraschino liqueur

12.5 ml grapefruit juice

12.5 lime juice

12.5 gomme (sugar syrup)

Shake with plenty of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and strain into a coup cocktail glass

Take a sip, light a Cuban cigar and get in touch with your inner Hemingway.

April Diary Dates

Need a reason to celebrate this month? HAPPY BEERS EVE !!!!!!

SipnSwallow always willing to give you a reason to celebrate with those you love the most.


Fun Fact :

 The first ever beer made was In Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq), early evidence of beer is a 3900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, which contains the oldest surviving beer recipe, describing the production of beer from barley via bread.

Why not try one of the most expensive beers in the world if you’re going to celebrate, go all out.


Ready Steady Spritz

Adding a bit of Italian to your spring season. This Aperol Spitz is the Italian cocktail. So what does it contain you ask?

Started from the bottom now it’s here. 1919 is the day it made it mark on this earth but only became popular in 1950’s. The refreshing tangy drink takes just three quick steps to make but the flavor is guaranteed to savor on your taste buds.

8 Hangover Cures!

Hangovers can last for up to 3 days. To get rid of a hangover you need to remove the copious amounts of toxins in your body. Here are 8 cures that may help…

1. Water – the original hydra-tor! It’s common knowledge that alcohol dehydrates your body, so what better way to hydrate it than to drink water 😀 although here’s a tip: it won’t cure your headache, so try to drink water in-between drinks on a night out and make sure to down a large glass before you got to bed, there for when you wake up it won’t be as bad!

2. Orange, lemon and ginger juice – The idea of this juice is to pack as much vitamins into your body as possible – lots of vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginger also stops nausea BONUS!

3. Peppermint Tea – When one consumes copious amounts of alcohol (especially darker alcoholic drinks) the lower part of your body tends to bloat. Peppermint is a great natural aid for improving your digestion. A little pot of peppermint tea could prevent you from feeling bloated the whole day.

4. Apple Juice – mmm lots of vitamin c.

5. Coffee – Some say that coffee is good for a hangover some say that coffee is bad. Overall, if you are a regular caffeine drinker then not drinking caffeinated drinks could result in a worse headache than when you started.

6. Vegetable broth (questionably a drink or a food) – This will replace all nutrients you lost from the night before and fill you with antioxidants. It will re-hydrate your body as well as going easy on the digestive system.

7. Lucozade/Powerade – Raises and replaces glucose and salt levels.

8. Alcohol – if all else fails hair of the dog never goes amiss, Bottomless brunch is always a good choice!

Top 5 Fruity Drink Recipes

Spring has sprung in, which means two things the suns out and BBQ season is creeping in. Need inspiration to impress your guests? I have the secret ingredients that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

1.) “I been drinking ‘Water Melon”


1 seedless watermelon

10 oz lemon juice

3 cups frozen strawberries

3/4 cup sugar

2 cups ice


* Don’t forget to scrape all of the fruit from the centre of the melon and blend all the juices. Add all the extra ingredients, lemon juice, strawberries, sugar and ice into a blender.

* Pour your mixology into both halves of the carved out watermelon. Sprinkle a little love around the edges with sugar and add a bunch of straws and slurp away.

2.) “You Jamaican-me-crazy” – Gnarls Barkley



1/4 cups dairy free coconut ice cream (softened)

3 ounces pineapple juice

1 dash grenadine

1 dash coffee liqueur


* First gather all your ingredients and place the coconut ice cream, pineapple juice, grenadine and coffee liqueur into the blender.

* Cut open the top of your coconut and pour your mixology in. Sprinkle a little love around the edges with sugar and your own personality by decorating it with a slice of pineapple then add a bunch of straws and slurp away.

3.) “I have Pen I got Pineapple Pineapple pen”


1/2 ripe pineapple, scooped out your pineapple

2 ounces fresh lime juice

1/4 cup sugar 1 Cup Ice ¼ pineapple cubes


Cut open the top of your pineapple but do not throw away the lid. The scoop out all the pineapple and place onto a chopping board. Take a quarter of the pineapple and place to one side the place the rest into the blender with the lime juice, sugar and ice. Blend until slushy ( add more ice if needed)

Pour your slush into your empty pineapple.Place spare pineapple in blender until smooth then pour on top of your mixologySprinkle a little love around the edges with sugar then add a bunch of straws and slurp away.

4.) “When life hands you lemons you make lemonade



1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice, about 6 lemons

1 1/2 cup sugar

3 1/2 cup water

3 to 4 cups water 1 cup of ice


Inspired from Mexico this lemonade is something like no other. – Mix your sugar and water in a saucepan on low heat. Stir continuously till your mixture becomes clear. Set aside to cool. – Cut open the top of your lemons but keep the lids. Juice your lemons to into a jug add don’t forget to remove all seeds. – Place ice cubes into the blender until your ice is crushed

Pour the juice into a pitcher and add the water, ice and sugar and stir until all ingredients are mixed well. Pour the mixology into your cut lemons sprinkle a little love around the edges with sugar & honey then add a straw and slurp away

5.) “I don’t like Apples, I love it” large apples


large apples ( However many guests depends on the apples – 1 per guest)

¼ lemon juice

4 cups non-alcoholic apple cider cinnamon sticks, for garnish


Slice the top of your apple lid. The carefully scoop out your apple until you get a cup shape, leaving a one-inch rim around your apple. Tip: If your apple is slightly stubborn and doesn’t sit right slice a few millimeters off the bottom to even it out. Make sure your cup is not hollow or your juices will leak out. To prevent your apple from browning rub it lemon juice on both the inner and outer apple. Time to make your juice to fill your apple cup. Place the scoop out apple pieces into a blender, add, lemon juice and non-alcoholic cider. Blend until the constancy of apple juice Finally pour your mix into you apple cups, garnish with cinnamon. Sprinkle a little love around the edges with sugar & honey then add a straw and slurp away

What are you waiting for? Go ahead try them if you don’t believe me

Saeshanee x

The perfect pint of Guinness at The Auld Shillelagh, Stoke Newington.

The Auld Shillelagh in Stoke Newington is arguably the best Irish pub in London. It’s shabby and not chic, and consistently serves one of the finest pints of Guinness you’re likely to find around these parts. The locals are a mix of Irish Londoners and the young hip gentry of Stokey. The cultural roots of the pub are clear to see but it feels genuine and not over the top. On top of this they play an eclectic selection of classic rock and they seem to have Bowie posters plastered all over the pub, but maybe I’m exaggerating.

Of course, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day on Friday and when I went in on Wednesday night they were already hauling out boxes of decorations and kegs of Guinness and beer. I’ve heard you’re probably best getting a spot early in day if you’re planning on celebrating St Paddy’s Day.

Now…you might ask what can be so perfect about a pint of Guinness. Well there’s a lot of debate surrounding this issue but all I know is what I was taught when working in a pub with an Irish manager, and I had this confirmed for me at The Auld Shillelagh:

1. Hold the glass under the tap at a 45° angle.

2. Pull the tap down and let the Guinness pour in until the glass is almost full.

3. Let it rest for one and a half minutes.

4. Top up the pint for a “firm and creamy head”

If that isn’t quite clear enough, head over to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to watch a ‘how to’ video I made at The Auld Shillelagh.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig! (Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!)