The 5 best cocktail bars in North London

Ruby’s, Dalston, 76 Stoke Newington Rd

Ruby’s is an ideal hipster haunt for great cocktails, that dingy Dalston ambience and really fun and interesting selection of music

From the outside it doesn’t look like much but once you descend the narrow staircase into the bar you’ll instantly understand the appeal.


Original Sin, Stoke Newington, 129 Stoke Newington High St

Simple, unpretentious but run by mixologists who really know their stuff.

Original Sin will be hosting a monthly masterclass called Taste No Evil starting in April with Fords Gin. . The event is a celebration of spirit categories. Rather than learning about specific products, the brands involved will give more of a category class with a particular focus on how the spirits are enjoyed in cocktails. . You will then get an opportunity to make up your own drink, drawing on the information you have been given about cocktail structures and balance, with guidance from us and the brand ambassadors. . One cocktail from each event will be selected and will feature on the Original Sin menu until the next session. . The sessions give you an opportunity to play with flavours and engage in cocktail culture in more depth. As bartenders we can sometimes take the back bar for granted, so we are extending that luxury to you on a journey of flavour discovery. . If anyone has a particular interest in spirits or creating cocktails, the tickets are available through (link in our bio) . April 11th – Fords Gin – History of gin through cocktails May 9th – Nikka – Japanese whisky and the mizuwari June 13th – Cana Brava – Cuban style and the daiquiri

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Fontaine’s Bar, Dalston, 176 Stoke Newington Rd

Art deco design through and through – bringing a taste of the Forties to Dalston

High Water London,

A real bartender’s bar – expect your cocktails to be uncluttered and just spot on.

Ray’s Bar

A different kind of hybrid cocktail bar that becomes a club, gallery etc.


April Diary Dates

Need a reason to celebrate this month? HAPPY BEERS EVE !!!!!!

SipnSwallow always willing to give you a reason to celebrate with those you love the most.


Fun Fact :

 The first ever beer made was In Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq), early evidence of beer is a 3900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, which contains the oldest surviving beer recipe, describing the production of beer from barley via bread.

Why not try one of the most expensive beers in the world if you’re going to celebrate, go all out.


8 Hangover Cures!

Hangovers can last for up to 3 days. To get rid of a hangover you need to remove the copious amounts of toxins in your body. Here are 8 cures that may help…

1. Water – the original hydra-tor! It’s common knowledge that alcohol dehydrates your body, so what better way to hydrate it than to drink water 😀 although here’s a tip: it won’t cure your headache, so try to drink water in-between drinks on a night out and make sure to down a large glass before you got to bed, there for when you wake up it won’t be as bad!

2. Orange, lemon and ginger juice – The idea of this juice is to pack as much vitamins into your body as possible – lots of vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginger also stops nausea BONUS!

3. Peppermint Tea – When one consumes copious amounts of alcohol (especially darker alcoholic drinks) the lower part of your body tends to bloat. Peppermint is a great natural aid for improving your digestion. A little pot of peppermint tea could prevent you from feeling bloated the whole day.

4. Apple Juice – mmm lots of vitamin c.

5. Coffee – Some say that coffee is good for a hangover some say that coffee is bad. Overall, if you are a regular caffeine drinker then not drinking caffeinated drinks could result in a worse headache than when you started.

6. Vegetable broth (questionably a drink or a food) – This will replace all nutrients you lost from the night before and fill you with antioxidants. It will re-hydrate your body as well as going easy on the digestive system.

7. Lucozade/Powerade – Raises and replaces glucose and salt levels.

8. Alcohol – if all else fails hair of the dog never goes amiss, Bottomless brunch is always a good choice!

Health facts and stats about coffee

Coffee culture is growing fast in the UK especially in London. I live in Southwark on the Old Kent Road. As I walk out of my house I can instantly see four coffee shops. I mean, I’m not complaining as I love the stuff, but there are so many, everywhere. As well as tasting great there are so many health benefits to drinking coffee…

  • Most importantly (And my favourite)
    It helps you loose weight – if drank without milk. Depending on the amount of caffeine in coffee it can boost your metabolism by 3-11%. But be careful not to drink too much as it aids anxiety.
  • Costa Coffee is the most used High Street Coffee shop in the UK.
  • Coffee contains some very important nutrients… Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Potassium & Magnesium… meaning a great source if fibre 😀
  • 5 coffee beans are the equivalent to 200mg of Caffeine.
  • Coffee can increase your adrenaline levels, leading to you wanting to release more energy. This causes the fatty acids from the fat tissue to break down.
  • There is 2.5 times more caffeine in a cup of coffee than in a cup of tea on average. But this is dependent on the method and length of brewing.

Sophie xx

Organic Vodka launches in the UK​

If you need another reason to indulge in this mysterious liquid you need to not look any further.

Sweden’s Virtuous Vodka is launching in the UK and we, at Sip ‘n’ Swallow, could not be happier. With it set to excite the crowds by its 100% organic ingredients and its generous array of flavours, which include: Blond, bitter lemon, raspberry and ginger. The spirit is made using a base spirit of Swedish rye and has no added sugars or aromas.

The vodka is described as having a sweet, peppery scent reminiscent of fresh baked bread and light notes of fruit. To follow, the palate is described as pure and smooth, with a fresh, sweet bitterness and touch of spice.

This is ideal for mixing in long drinks and cocktails. I’m already thinking about the ways I could incorporate the Virtuous Vodka Ginger, which uses organic ginger, into my favourite cocktails.

Here is what Claes Stenmark, founder of the brand had to say…

“As a company, we believe in three things: true flavours, sustainable business and braveness, and that’s how we produce our vodkas,”

“We only say yes to the real deal and no to stuff created in laboratories. Most importantly our vodka is made to taste, not to last”

Let us know how excited you are in the comments …..

Stacey x

Alkaline Water: Is It Really Worth It?

Welcome back, Darlings, to Sip ‘n’ Swallow!

Today I decided to investigate water…

Not the most interesting, I know – but, please, stay with me here. I’ll be reviewing Blk water and Cano water. I don’t know what it was but the packaging just spoke to me. Between you and me, I guess this is why I shouldn’t be left alone in the fancy beverage aisle. Unfortunately, it feeds the inner hipster in me. Both of these beverages spoke to me for different reasons. Enjoy the review……

Blk water (Black water)

RP: £3 – £6 (Buying in bulk would be the best option)

If the name alone doesn’t speak to you the I don’t know what will. Blk water is premium alkaline water that happens to be black because of the reaction between the natural trace of minerals and pure water. It has a powerful combination of electrolytes, minerals and an alkaline pH of 8. The level of pH in this water is important because it will help keep a balance between the acids and non-acids in your body. Although this is great for the health conscious, I won’t be repurchasing this item anytime soon. With experts suggesting you drink over 3 litres a day, it’s just not financially sustainable to buy such water. If this purchase does suit your budget, however, be mindful of the taste. It has a slight aftertaste of ash – or, some sort of debris. After a while, of course, you will get used to the taste.

Cano Water

RP: £2-£4

Water in a can, but, better yet, in a resealable​ can – now that’s special. For all of my environmentalists out there, this one is for you. Cano water was created in response to the damaging impact that plastic has on the environment. Their aluminium cans have the highest recycling rate of any drink on the market and it could be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks. So what are the top 5 reasons for buying cano water?

1. Environmentally​ friendly
2. Resealable
3. Stays chilled
4. pH of 7.9*
5. 100% recyclable

Both of these drinks are incredibly innovative but I’ll be sticking to the regular line up of the normal suspects.

Stacey x

5 Ways to use alcohol other than to drink it!

I feel like the British way to drink is ‘Go hard or go home’ Admittedly, drinking and getting “drunk” (I use this word loosely) is fun… especially to drink with people you trust and know won’t judge you.

BUT there are some ways to use alcohol other than to swallow the contents of your glass… I have done a little bit of research and found some interesting uses…

Vodka – Got an issue with smelly feet? Mix a small cheap-y bottle of vodka, some of your favourite smelly soap and a bit of warm water, all in a bowl (Big enough to fit your feet in) Soak your feet until you feel they are clean and the smell should have disappeared, if not then… repeat?!

White wine – Half a glass of white wine never hurt anyone… well… not that you remember 😉 So does your rice or pasta dish taste a little… tasteless? Pop half a glass of white wine in there, wait for it to evaporate and voila, you have a proper lush dish!

Red wine – We’re half way through February and if you’re anything like my family. You’ll still have some of those half drank bottles of alcohol, left over from the Christmas and New Year celebrations. My family are Red wine drinkers, so a little bit of Rioja and Merlot never go a miss… but half/three quarters of a bottle tend to get drank and then left. FEAR NOT that leftover red wine can still be used (if you’re not a veggie) why not marinade some nice meaty steak… pop the steak into a dish, season as you wish and cover with your left over red wine, put it in the fridge overnight. Then cook as you wish the next day #lush

Beer – Are snails and slugs eating your home grown veggies? Well if you take a small jar and fill it with beer, then bury it in your garden the slugs and snails will naturally be attracted… then… I hate to say it… they “dissolve” the problems gone!

Tequila – I had to save the best until last… My favourite out of all the alcoholic beverages, it makes you love, dance and do crazy the craziest S**T – truly magical stuff. Most ‘studies’ suggest that tequila is best for drinking (Not going to lie its TRUTH) Tequila is an aphrodisiac, it breaks down cholesterol and as it contains Agave. If you feel you have a cold or flu coming on, have a shot of that Patron that’s sitting in the fridge. And it will kill that gross bacteria sitting in the back of your throat. What more could you want from tequila? It’s basically your best friend!

Sophie xx